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About Highlands

Highlands Investments Limited was established and registered in Zambia in October 2007 in the Mining field. It all started with hiring of machinery like fork lifts, cranes, low bed trailers, bull dozers and mining jobs. Over five years Highlands Investments Limited has grown from a small enterprise to a big company geared to handle massive projects. We adhere to our vision which champions on customer satisfaction, and quality services delivered on time with high safety standards. At Highlands Investments Limited we have highly experienced Managers, Engineers and Technicians who are ready to handle any kind of job/project in Mechanical, Civil and Mining engineering fields

Zambezi Portland Cement Shut down and Renovation

In February 2015, as Highlands Investments Ltd, Engineering and Construction Division we added to our portfolio of great engineering projects in Zambia, the maintenance and rehabilitation works at Zambezi Portland Cement factory in Ndola on the Copperbelt Province. Zambezi Portland Cement is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company and hence the factory is of high global standards. The scope of work involved the plant shut down and then the rehabilitation of various sections of the cement plant. For this single project, Highlands Investments Ltd had to hire a team of experts in various engineering disciplines and a good number of Zambian workers divided in day and night shifts in order to speed up the works and accurately deliver the project within the stipulated time. The rehabilitation on various plant sections included the replacement of the immersion tube at stage 3 on the Pre-Heater (PH) section, the replacement of the inlet bend at stage 4 on the Pre-Heater (PH) tower, rehabilitation and replacement jobs on the Deep Pan Conveyor (DPC) and the Kiln Hood. Repair jobs on the Cooler, the TA Duct and the Calciner. There were works on the Coal Mill section as well which involved the installation of new load cells and the cone replacement. In the Raw Mill Silo they worked on the strengthening of the silo cone. Most of these sections are in high temperature areas and Highlands Investment Ltd had to carry out refractory works in these high temperature areas. They also replaced the Gas Distribution screen on the ESP and did a complete renovation of the conveyors. These works on the conveyors included the renovation and replacement of theentire system, the rollers, the drives and the conveyor belts which have been upgraded from the old 600mm to 800mm wide.

They also installed new motors and new gear boxes for the conveyors. This rehabilitation and renovation is a normal scheduled operation that is periodically carried out to repair, renovate and replace worn out parts of the cement plant in order to facilitate smooth running of the entire production system. Highland Investment an emerging mechanical engineering firm is proud to have handled this renovation on schedule.

Team of Highlands

Over five years we are grroving from a small organization to a big Company set up to handle more projects in Zambia. Now we are having different divisions to handle different tasks.

Board of Directors

Riyas Abdul Sattar
Riyas Abdul Gaffar
Md.Hussain Ibrahim

Managing Director

Umesh Avadekar

Mobile: +260 966 921 224.

Operation Director

Avinash Avadekar

Mobile: +260 967 921 227

General Manager

K.Prathapa kumar

Mobile: +260 963 482 479